Medical Devices

Nutra hold a license for distribution of medical devices issued by Bulgarian Drug Agency which allows us trade with medical devices of all types.

  • Clinical diagnosis – a range of reagents, laboratory consumables, products and laboratory systems for clinical diagnosis (hospital labs, medical centers and laboratory networks).
  • Incontinence care - range of products dedicated to people with incontinence – pads, bed underpads, all-in-one diapers, pull-ups and specialist skin care products.
  • Operating theatre - single-use clothing, instruments and other surgical solutions to operating theatre personnel.
  • Wound care – chronic wound healing products, bandages, gauze swabs, post-operative products, plasters, tapes, etc.
  • Gloves – nitrile, latex, vinyl – sterile and non-sterile
  • Women hygiene – range dedicated to females – hygiene pads, tampons and cosmetics for intimate hygiene.
  • Nappies – baby diapers and cosmetics.
  • Diagnostic products – range of personal diagnostic home products - blood pressure monitors, thermometers, self-tests.