Water Treatment

Catra SRL is the main partner of Nutra in water treatment

Nutra offers wide variety of products for water treatment that can meet the needs of the market constantly. Our products are designed to serve a wide range of users, including municipal, chemical-petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy, sugar, textiles, iron and steel, automotive, waste, etc. For all our water treatment solutions we partner exclusively with Catra Srl., the leader on Italian market and part of Aquaprox Group. Catra has long experience in water related processes and has built a profound competence and extensive application know-how.

Our solution may apply in multiple sector such as:

Paper Industry

The paper industry requires the intervention of a wide range of chemicals that are used to optimize the machining process, to improve product quality and machine performance and, at the same time, reduce production costs.

We can offer several specific products for this sector including:

  • Products for the retention of fibers, ends, fillings and drainage. All this is aimed at increasing production, improved underwater water cleaning, qualitative improvements, saving starches and adhesives, cleaning the production cycle, and decreasing energy demand.
  • Antifoam used to contain excessive foam formation, source of dirt and waste. Its use improves paper quality, sheet formation, fiber retention control, pumps management by increasing the drainage speed and allowing more effective control of porosity.
  • Yankee cylinder products (referring only to Tissue production). These products help create the film, facilitate detachment from the cylinder and preserve the same while maintaining smooth and uniform surface.
  • Retention adjuvants. In special cases, in combination with traditional rituals, both retention and drainage and / or sheet formation improve.
  • Resins for wet or dry strength

Mining Industry

The application our products to the mining industry includes a wide range of activities such as extraction, selection, crushing, separation, waste water treatment, thickening and dehydration of the mineral itself. Our polymers are mainly used to quickly separate solids from liquids, for example to better clarify, aggregate particles, and increase the sedimentation rate to be recycled and used for the entire production process. The range includes CATFLOC chemical additives, flocculants and coagulants, used to increase performance in respect of the environment, in particular the extraction of: Gravel, sand, Coal, Clay, Ceramics, Talc, Plaster, Phosphate, Potassium, Quartz, Diamonds , iron, lead, nickel, uranium, copper, zinc, aluminum, silver, gold.

Oil&Gas Industry

Petroleum refining treatment – CATRA develops and applies chemical treatments for both mining and oil refining industries and their related processes. We specialize in the creation, development and application of performance-based treatments for chemical conditioning of hydrocarbons and water.

Demulsifiers for oil in water - these products are used to enhance the separation of stable emulsions into two distinct phases, water and oil, increasing the separation efficiency of oils and hydrocarbons either by sedimentation or mechanical systems such as flotation, centrifugation, API separators etc. Our Polymers are designed to be effective on a large number of natural and / or synthetic emulsions.

Demulsifiers for water in oil – these products are used for: a) treatment of slops and slurries from refineries and transport ships; b) treatment of oils resulting from the breakdown of oil in water emulsion and lubricating oils; c) dehydration of crude oil lubricants and fuels; d) dehydration of oil phases obtained from the separation of oil in water emulsions.

Fuels treatment – this product line is dedicated to: improving the combustion of fuels reduces the percentage of pollutants in the emission of dispersion of sludge to improve separation of water and combustion.

Our Products


  • Inorganic flocculants for primary treatment
  • Organic flocculants – polyelectrolytes
  • Cationic organic flocculants – polyamines
  • Special formulas – specially formulated flocculants

Other water treatment products

  • Antifoams
  • Biological products
  • Active carbon
  • Bleaches
  • Basic chemical